Wooden Digital LED Alarm Clock & Charger Base

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The Digital LED Clock Charger has a simple and elegant design. This clock is made of high-quality black medium density fibre board and an adjustable LED backlight display (level 3 brightness). This Modern Wooden Clock is mainly used for power supply with 4 AAA batteries (not included) plugs or spare cables.

This Multifunctional Digital Alarm Clock displays the time, date, temperature, and bright LED lights. It has an energy-saving mode. Just press the button below and select “oN Sd” to enter the sound control mode (energy-saving mode), and the screen will turn off after 10 seconds.

You can illuminate the screen by touching your hand (any sound above 60dBm) or touching the LED Desk Alarm ClockIt displays time in 12h/24h format and indoor temperature in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit. This Wooden LED Clock will alarm up to 3 times every few minutes.

  • You can replace the repeat function, choose different types of alarms between daily alarm and weekly alarm, each alarm lasts 1 minute.
  • Just place a compatible wireless charging QI phone above the watch, and it will automatically start charging.
  • Charging only occurs when the USB cable is powered, not when the battery is powered.
  • This Digital Wooden Clock is suitable for any modern design furniture, bedside table, living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc. It has a portable and compact design.


  • Phones with a support ring on the back will not be fully charged, please remove the support ring to charge. Place the phone vertically in the middle with the back facing down, otherwise charging may occur.


  • Colour: brown/wood/white/black
  • Size: 14.5 * 7 * three inches
  • Material: MDF + PVC

Package Contents:

  • 1 *Alarm clock
  • 1 * USB data cable
  • 1 *English manual

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