Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Laser Navigation App


Proscenic Remote Control Vacuum Cleaner with laser navigation app Alexa control dust cleaner automatic carpet detection. 3.94 inches / 10cm body is flexible, easy to enter the bottom of the furniture, cleaning dust is more comprehensive. 

The Robot vacuum cleaner built-in navigation and positioning, the app builds maps, planning clean and efficient. Automatic Household Vacuum Cleaner is perfect for home wood floors, floor tiles, short hair rugs, marble. The high-quality lithium battery is durable, with a single battery life of 90-150 minutes, battery capacity of 2800mah, 1200pa strong suction, and 150 square meters large size can also be cleaned.
Sweeping and sucking one of the various cleaning modes, intelligent voice prompt service, intelligent positioning breakpoints continue to clean every corner and gap. Compared with other brands, this Laser Navigation Cleaning Robot brings very low noise. It uses a high-quality motor to effectively reduce the noise generated by the machine operation, will not disturb you, and even watch tv when cleaning.
  • Gifts are self-contained and meet your cleaning needs.
  • 20° mounting obstacles, barriers, carpets, maybe turned a blind eye, like flat. Multiple sets of down-view sensors determine obstacles before, forestall collisions, and shield valuable decorations.


  • Power (w): 50w.
  • Voltage (v): 14v.
  • Dust box capacity (l): <0.5 l.
  • Size(mm): 34.5cm*34.5cm*9.6cm.
  • Dust storage type: dust box/dust bucket.
  • Battery life: 2 hours-2 hours and 30 minutes.


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