Modern Led Ceiling Light with PIR Motion Sensor


The LED Ceiling Light with LED chips saves more energy than the traditional ceiling fixtures. Don't need extra bulbs. With integrated LED lights, this Motion Sensor Ceiling Lamp is qualified to last a long time and won't degrade over time. You can save your effort on replacing bulbs reaching up to those high ceilings.

Our LED Ceiling Lamp was designed with a motion detector sensor that makes the light more perfect. It is made of good quality materials which are very safe and durable. You will love to use this LED Motion Sensor Light.

  • There are no IR and UV radiation, no mercury, and hazardous substance contained in the Modern Led Ceiling Light fixtures, making them perfectly ecological.
  • You can give off uniform and bright light without flickering, keeping your eyes free from harsh and glare lights.
  • You can easy to install this LED Ceiling Lamp for Hotel, laundry room, stairs, attic, patio, porch, kitchen sink, washroom, basement, department store as you like.


  • Number of light sources: > 20
  • Lighting Area: 15-30square meters
  • Application: KİTCHEN, Dining Room, Bed Room, Foyer, Study, Bathroom

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