Bodytrainer series 3 motorised folding treadmill

  • Chest Heart Rate Belt
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Smart Treadmill App Compatibility
  • MP3 Connection
  • Stereo Speaker
  • 3 Stage Incline
  • Drink Holder
  • Phone/Tablet Holder
  • 4-Zone Damping System

The BodyTrainer Series 3 Motorised Folding Treadmill is a space-saving and stable running machine. It is a very high-quality piece of home fitness equipment and features a powerful "permanent magnet motor" and a joint-friendly 4-zone damping system.
Training motivation is sure to be increased by the pulse rate controlled training and 12 pre-installed training programs. You can record the workouts via the APP & share it with friends or family as needed. You won’t get bored either while working out thanks to the phone/tablet holder and inbuilt Bluetooth speaker.

Hydraulic folding mechanism

The hydraulic folding mechanism lowers the running board slowly and in a controlled manner when opened, this offers more safety for families with children and/or animals. It also makes picking the bed up a lot easier which is good for elder or less able users.
Thanks to the transport rollers, you can easily move the treadmill from A to B and stow it in almost any corner.

LCD screen with mobile phone/tablet holder, Bluetooth Speaker and FITKIT App compatibility

The 3 inch LCD screen shows work out details such as speed, running distance, running time and calorie consumption.
The console with the shelf is not only ideal for listening to music, but also for using our "Fitkit" app. With this App you can record your training and share it with friends or family as you wish. It is compatible with Apple and Android.

Permanent Magnet Motor
The top-quality motor is not only quieter and energy-saving than a traditional induction motor, it also exceeds it by around 25% in terms of efficiency and power density, furthermore, it also has a longer lifespan.

Heart rate controlled
With a heart rate belt included in the delivery, you can carry out your training even more effectively. In conjunction with our 12 training programs, you can optimize the training so that you achieve your training goals step by step. Whether as a balance to work and everyday life, for body fat reduction or as a fitness improvement.

The BodyTrainer Series 3 comes with a simple but effective 3 stage manual incline settings which allows you to further customise your home fitness workouts.

Easy construction
Since 99% of the device is already pre-assembled, the assembly is totally uncomplicated. This takes place with 6 screws, for which you normally need 5-10 minutes. So the setup is no problem even for beginners.

With a maximum volume of 60dB, the treadmill is very quiet. So there should be no problems with neighbours or sleeping family members. This is supported by the 4-zone damping system.

Multi-layer tread
Our multi-layer tread ensures better ergonomics. In conjunction with the 4-zone cushioning system, you also have an incredibly smooth-running feeling and your joints are protected.

Ideal for home use
The treadmill is very space-saving and compact. Once folded up it can be stored in pretty much any corner of your home.


1 - 10 km/h


12 Pre-programmed workout routines of varying difficulty to suit all fitness levels.

Computer Console:
Large LCD display gives constant feedback, quick touch buttons, phone/tablet holder, aux input & integrated speakers for music. The console also has a safety stop for emergencies

3 Manual settings

Running Deck:
High strength shock absorbing running deck, running area 100 x 36cm.

Pulse Sensors:
Chest Heart Rate Belt PLUS Sensors are situated on the handles

Built Dimensions:
130 (L) x 61 (W) x 116 (H) cm 28kg

Folded Dimensions:
70 (L) x 61 (W) x 127 (H) cm

Max User Weight:

Boxed Dimensions:
130 X 64 X 22cm

Gross Weight:

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