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Footy Master Elite 5ft Table Football Game

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  • 5ft Pub Style Table
  • Very Stable
  • Very Sturdy
  • Highly Durable
  • Stylish

The Footy Master Elite Table Football Game gives a sharp modern look to this famous past time. With these modern looks, cleaner and smarter than we've ever seen, we quickly fell in love with this table. It looks great at home or in a stylish office. But not only great looking, it's also a sturdy, durable, quality football table.

But not just great design, this table also features great construction. The deep cabinet, extra strong metal legs and playing surface provide the table with excellent stability and durability, better than many professional tables. The handles are made from super strong polyurethane plastic. The heavy anti rust steel rods won't bend like those of lesser quality tables. The moulded players mounted on those bars are strong and durable. Slopes at the sides and corners of the pitch help keep the ball in play more to further ensure a fast and furiously fun game. The table has a side hole ball entry for more variety in kick offs. At each end is a scoring mechanism of plastic beads on a slide bar.

This table is an extra stylish opportunity to have fast and furious table football fun. Coupled with strength, durability and stability this is a winning package. Having a great looking yet heavy duty cabinet and playing surface, with its strong metal legs, it looks fantastic anywhere.


    Table size

    136.5cm(L) x 86cm(H) x 65cm(W)


    Adjustable feet to ensure a level playing surface even on uneven floors.

    Score System

    Traditional slide scorer using plastic beads on a slide rail, one set for each player


    Colour moulded translucent players. One team blue, one team white


    One man goalie rod

    Team Formation

    2 - 5 - 3


    This table comes with 2 quality balls

    Net Weight

    33.5 kgs - Gross Weight: 37 kgs

    Care and maintenance

    Care and maintenance of any table can make a significant difference to playing quality in the opinion of the more serious player, and on this table it is very quick and easy to do.


    Cleaning the balls can restore much lost precision to their roll, and can reduce any “random walks”. We suggest simply washing them by hand, and giving them a scrub if need be. The table surface can be cleaned with a damp cloth, but if it occasionally needs a little more then use a non-abrasive cloth with a little water and washing up liquid. Avoid using excess water as it can cause damage if it gets inside the cabinet or on the underside of the playing surface. Do not use bleach or any solvent-based cleaners, and do not use windolene or glass polish.


    Lubrication improves the quality of the game play; also it allows for smoother movement reducing wear on the table. You should only apply just enough lubricant to loosen the rods, be certain not to get any on the table surface. The best way is to apply lubricant to a cloth and then wipe the rods with it. A brand of silicone oil is by far the best lubricant to use. WARNING: Do not use WD40 on this table as it can corrode the rubber bumpers at the side of the playing surface.