3D Pandora Wifi Arcade Game Console (Pro Version) 8000+ Video Games

Our Genuine 3D Pandora Wifi Arcade Games Console Pro features a staggering 8000+ Classic retro arcade games as standard, however with the latest built in Wifi capabilities that this machine brings it will allow you to access additional 20,000 free games from the online games library making it "Cutting Edge Technology" within the retro classic arcade games world.

Relive the fun of your favourite arcade classics, allowing up to 4 Players with all your favourite retro Games from 80's, 90's & 00's.
It supports every video arcade game known to man whilst also featuring , SNES, N64, PSP, Mega Drive, Gameboy advance, Dreamcast, NeoGeo , Famicom, and many more.
No doubt you will enjoy hours of fun with family & friends or flying solo.
Plug & Play In less than a minute, featuring various different Board Designs Connect to TV, PC, Laptop, Projector.
The build quality is excellent and finished with an Acrylic panel and ultra-slim metal frame with colourful light features.


  • Adjust game difficulty.
  • Support pause in games.
  • Fast search games function.
  • Record recent played games.
  • Save high score record function.
  • Simulator classification, game type classification.
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Supports USB Input
  • HDMI & VGA Input
  • Multi-Coloured Board Mood Lighting
  • Turbo Air Cooling System
  • Best Prices Online 
  • Genuine Pandora Build (Unlike Poor Quality Versions Elsewhere)
  • Latest Wifi Version allows you to add up to 20k free games

                        Games list available on request, contact us for details!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Priscilla Lindgren

3D Pandora Arcade Game Console (Wifi Version-8000+ Video Games)

Gillian Konopelski

Very good thank you

Roderick Kozey

really great value

Amanda Kunde

Excellent product!

Gianni Kuhic

It has a lot of games that come in multiple languages but still has a ton of games. You can favorite and search games to find them easier. And you can delete the duplicates if you want. I havent tried adding games yet. It has mame n64 gba etc. It has a light that goes through the rainbow in the actual box that you can turn on and off. I did have to get a new ac adapter to get it to work but they cost like $5.

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